We have been very blessed to have imported and owned some amazing horses.

Over the years we have been able to bred some amazing horses utilizing stallions from Australia and USA.


Vitalsignsrblazing (imp) - Blazing Hot x Vital Signs Are Good.

Imported by Littlestone Performance Horses in 2009. Dam of Radical Signs R Good, SRQ Smooch N Vital Signs, Littlestone Look Im Lazy and Vital Signs R Lopin.

Hallie has since been sold, she is expecting 2 foals via embryo transfer this season. Please contact S Rainoldi for more info.

One Moore Smarty - Chuka So Smart x One Moore Spin

Purchased in 2010. Dam of Littlestone Tellimsmart, Without Warning, Courvoisier, Littlestone Thunderstruck.

Smarty has since been sold to B Tapp & K Barnett, we wish them all the best for the future.

Charmed Cat - High Brow Cat x Charmed For Sure

Purchased in 2010 - Southern Futurity Finalist.

Charm has since been sold to Circle Y Ranch - Weatherford Texas.

Imagine That - My Only Concention x Eyes R Obvious

State Champion Showmanship and Halter. Sold in 2009

The mare that started it all!!

Maneroo Megg

Abbeys Smart Tassa - Tassa N Smart x Wilsons Miss Abbey

Scotch On Command


State Grand Champion Halter

Showmanship, WP & Hunter Champion,

High Point Mare WA, High Point Performance Horse.

Sadly passed away in 2007

Radical Signs R Good

Bred by Littlestone Performance Horses - Now proudly owned by Donna Grech


Radical is a Summer Sizzler Champion, NSW State Champion, NPHA Reserve Champion. His foals are already following in his footsteps. A huge thank you to every one who has been a part of his success, especially Natasha and Travis Humphries from TNT Training Stables, for EVERYTHING you have done!!


We wish Donna all the best for Radical's future.













Foolish Acres 2007 -

 Rambler Kd Acres x Fooled You QT Pie

AQHA Champion Youth Horse

Calvin 2008 -

Tribulation x Prosperous Affair


Littlestone Megga Foxy 2008 -

Nonda Desert Fox x Maneroo Megg

Multiple ASH Champion

Littlestone Matilda 2009 -

 Nonda Desert Fox x Maneroo Megg

Sadly we lost Matlida in 2013 to a paddock accident

Littlestone Megga Cat 2010 -

Whos Top Cat x Maneroo Megg

Sold to B & C Stanger

Littlestone Eclipse 2010 -

Spin On Command x Prosperous Affair


Littlestone Remembrance 2010 - Sophisticated Cat x Elgrando Lauren H

Sold to Nocona Stables

Littlestone Ruby Cat 2010 -

Sophisticated Cat x EP Rey Chex

Sold to Nocona Stables

Littlestone Tellimsmart 2010

Docs Spin N Tell x One Moore Smarty

Sold to L Garlick

Littlestone Maximus 2010 -

 Whos Ya Daddy x Daytonas Blu Roan Boom

Sold to Crack of Dawn QH

Lazy 2010 -

Lazy Loper x Vitalsignsrblazing (imp)


Littlestone Vanity 2011 -

Brooksipep x Bommette

Sold to B & C Stanger

Without Warning 2011 -

One Time Pepto x One Moore Smarty

Sadly we lost Roany to a paddock accident

Radical Signs R Good 2011 -

Radical Rodder x Vitalsignsrblazing (imp)


Checks for Cats (USA)  2012 -

Im Countin Checks x Charmed Cat

Sold to J Melton

Littlestone Certainlycute 2011 -

Certain Potential x Foolish Acres

Sold to Carly Ganzer

Littlestone Does It Iron - 2011

Iron Age x Prosperous Affair


Courvoisier 2012 -

Hazelwood Conman x One Moore Smarty


Littlestone Megatron 2012 -

Hazelwood Conman x Maneroo Megg


Littlestone Maserati 2013 -

Dual Windstorm x Bommette


Littlestone Look Im Lazy 2013 -

Lazy Loper x Vitalsignsrblazing (imp)

Littlestone Thunderstruck 2013 -

Dual Windstorm x One Moore Smarty

Sold to R Bramucci


Littlestone Chopper - 2014

Catty Hawk (USA) x Spins Reignmaker

Littlestone Rompa Stompa - 2016

Nonda Desert Fox x Spins Reignmaker

Littlestone Rosie - 2016

Nonda Desert Fox x Littlestone Daisy

Littlestone Top Gun - 2016

One Time Pepto (USA) x Littlestone Megga Foxy

Certain Tobe Good - 2016

Radical Signs R Good x Littletone Certainlycute

Littlestone Opal - 2016

Nonda Desert Fox x Gentle Grace (TB)